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Kirbir's Pictures of the Week

June has been hard for the Brewers, who are 4-7 for the month. After suffering four of those losses in a row and getting swept by the Colorado Rockies, last night's Suppan win was even better than normal.

All pictures this week are from Yahoo!


The man himself. Jeff Suppan pitched a winning game Friday night.


Craig Counsell trips over Matt Diaz of the Atlanta Braves.


Mike Cameron tries to trip Chris Getz of the White Sox.


Counsell shows Casey McGehee all about swagger.


Oh, and if you didn't hear, Ryan Braun is starting up his own line of bats. Awesomeness.

Your Brewers game today is at 1:05 and it's the final one against the White Sox, so let's make it count.

Go Crew!