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Game Thread #64: Milwaukee Brewers (34-29) at Cleveland Indians (29-36)

Dave Bush (3-3, 4.58) vs. Carl Pavano (6-5, 5.40), 6:05 CDT

Dave Bush takes the mound for the Brewers on national television yet again with a shaken-up lineup behind him.

Counsell 2B
McGehee 3B
Braun LF
Fielder 1B
Hart RF
Cameron CF
Gamel DH
Hardy SS
Rivera C

Trevor Hoffman threw one inning (26 pitches) yesterday.
Todd Coffey threw two innings (32 pitches) on Saturday.
Carlos Villanueva threw one inning (13 pitches) on Saturday.
Mark DiFelice threw one inning (19 pitches) on Friday.
Mitch Stetter threw 1/3 inning (7 pitches) on Friday.
Chris Smith threw 3 1/3 innings (58 pitches) on Saturday.
Seth McClung threw two innings (31 pitches) yesterday.
Chris Narveson threw two innings (23 pitches) on Thursday.