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It's My Base Now! A Discussion of Stolen Bases for the 2009 Brewers

In case anyone else has been keeping track, no one on the Brew Crew has stolen a base since Rickie Weeks took second in our last series against the Marlins (May 14). That was sixteen games ago. In fact, only two Brewers have even tried stealing a base since then. On Memorial Day, Craig Counsell tried to steal on what ended up looking like a botched hit-and-run. And, of course, Prince Fielder tried to gracefully steal third last night.

As of right now, Ryan Braun and Corey Hart lead the team with three steals a piece. The only others with at least one steal are Mike Cameron (2), Rickie Weeks (2), and Bill Hall (1).

The team's record streak without a stolen base is 20 games from August 16, 1976, to September 4 of that same year. During that time period, players were caught stealing five times.

Do you think that our current base-stealing dry spell will last 20 games?

If you pick "other" in the poll below, please share your thoughts.