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BCB Interview: 8th-round CF Chad Stang

Chad Stang looks fast.
Chad Stang looks fast.
Surrey, BC native Chad Stang was taken by the Brewers in the 8th round of this year's draft. Stang played at Midland College in Texas, where he hit .370/.471/.601 for the Chaparral (I think he's just the second player in the Brewers system to have played for a team named after a plant). I chatted with him yesterday afternoon.

BCB: What’s the status of your negotiations with the Brewers?

CS: Well, we’re trying to get a deal done by Thursday.

BCB: Oh, that's great. Have you agreed on a dollar value? What remains to be done?

CS: That still remains, but it will be done by tomorrow.

BCB: Well that's good news. Will you head to Arizona or Helena then?

CS: Helena.

BCB: Was the 8th round where you expected to be drafted?

CS: Well, it’s not what they told me. They said about the 5th, but I still got a good offer for the 8th round.

BCB: 5th-round money?

CS: Not quite.

BCB: The Brewers told you they were interested in taking you in the 5th round? Or another team did?

CS: [The Brewers] did. That’s what I was told. Then they called me in the 7th and I didn’t get picked till the 8th.

BCB: Were you disappointed?

CS: A tiny bit, but at the end of the day it comes down to how bad you want to play Major League baseball.

BCB: How seriously did you entertain the idea of going to LSU?

CS: Quite a bit. They’re one of the best college programs around. This decision has been the hardest one of my life, but I feel I’m in a win-win situation though.

BCB: It's got to be hard turning away from them given that they're in the College World Series at the moment.

CS: You got that right. But you just never know what’s going to happen, if I did go there. It could up my value or put it down.

BCB: It's good to sign while you still have a chance to get a couple months of pro ball under your belt, I think, too, rather than waiting until mid-August.

CS: Yeah, we were going to wait it out and see what happens. But my advisor and my family thought we need to stop screwing around, get a deal done, and start playing.

BCB: Well that's good to hear. Can you describe your game a bit?

CS: My best thing I got is my speed. I run a 6.4 60[-yard dash]. I can hit with a bit of power, hit great to both sides of the park. I got an above average arm. I’m the kind of player that goes all-out, hustles everywhere. I just love the game and love to play it right.

BCB: I've seen you compared to Hunter Pence. What do you make of that?

CS: I can see that. I haven’t seen him play very much, to be honest, but he has the same body type as me. And the times I have seen him play, I can see what you’re saying.

BCB: Do you compare yourself to anyone in your mind? Is there anyone you model your game after?

CS: There are two: Eric Byrnes and Torii Hunter.

BCB: So you see yourself sticking in center field?

CS: That’s where I feel I need to be playing. I love to run, and I have great speed. That’s where I feel I would best fit.

BCB: Have you always played center?

CS: No, I played a lot of left. This year was my first full year in center, ‘cause a year ago my arm was just not were it needed to be.

BCB: Did you have an injury?

CS: With my arm, no, never have. The only injury I’ve had was four years ago. Tore my meniscus doing long jump in track.

BCB: So when you say your arm wasn't where it needs to be, you just mean strength-wise?

CS: Yeah. I worked and worked on it over the summer. Changed a few things mechanically, and now I’m throwing better then ever.

BCB: Hitting-wise, I've heard your mechanics are a little unorthodox.

CS: Yeah, a little. I still have room to grow. And no one’s perfect.

BCB: Well, unorthodox isn't necessarily a bad thing. One of the Brewers' best prospects, Angel Salome, no one can figure out how he even hits the ball, but he keeps doing it.

CS: That’s very true. I’m just going to go in there, work my butt off, and get the job done.

BCB: So, getting back to the draft, what other teams were interested in you?

CS: Just mainly the Mets.

BCB: Did they indicate where they were thinking about taking you?

CS: They just said I was on their draft board. Didn’t say much else.

BCB: The Brewers have lots of Canadians in their system. Are you excited to play with many of your countrymen?

CS: It’s going to be good. I know a few of them. Just when I’ll play with them is the question.

BCB: Which ones do you know?

CS: Brett Lawrie and Nick Bucci.

BCB: Bucci pitched really well for Helena last night. He also got called up to AA and suspended for hitting a guy. It's been an eventful year for him.

CS: [laughs] Sounds like it.

BCB: Well, that's about all I've got for you. Any parting shots? Got any hidden talents or good trivia?

CS: Well, I’m a pretty good artist and can cook.

BCB: Oh yeah? What kind of artist?

CS: Drawing.

BCB: Maybe you can make some extra bucks designing a new logo for the Brewers incorporating the old ball-and-glove one.

CS: I could give it a shot, see what I can come up with.

BCB: All right, well that's about it.

CS: Thanks.

BCB: No, thank you!