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Thursday's Community Frosty Mug

Good morning everyone,

I'm going to have to take the day off today. You see, as I've mentioned on the site a couple of times, I'm getting married this weekend. In fact, the new Mrs. Snow and I were legally married at a courthouse here in Appleton last night. All told, it's a crazy month for me, with all of the following:

Last night: Legally married.
Saturday: Wedding ceremony
Sunday: Leave on honeymoon
Sunday 6/14: Return from honeymoon
Wednesday 6/17: Moving truck arrives in Des Moines to pick up our stuff.
Thursday 6/18: We get control of our new house in Appleton.

So, as you can see, I'm not going to be available to write for a bit. Thankfully, we've assembled the best team of Brewer writers on the web here at BCB, and they'll be picking up my slack for the next few weeks. Starting tomorrow, Jordan will be taking over on the Frosty Mug, likely for much of the rest of June, and everyone will be pitching in to make sure the site runs as well (maybe better) than it does while I'm here.

I may occasionally lurk and/or comment between now and my return, but until then, take care and go Brewers!


P.S.: I forgot to mention it, but since I don't have a Mug today, I'm asking you to help out. Please use the comments to let us know what you're reading. Thanks!