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Draft Open Thread

The first round begins at 5 Central, broadcast on MLB Network and simulcast on We'll only get through the supplemental third round today, with all the picks after the first round available for viewing only online. All told, there will be 111 selections today, of which the Brewers have six: #26, #39, #47, #73, #74, and #105.

All the major names have new mock drafts today: Baseball America ties the Brewers to prep third baseman Matt Davidson, Baseball Prospectus says they'll take Stanford reliever Drew Storen, and Jonathan Mayo predicts New Jersey high school outfielder Mike Trout. Though I'm not an Insider, Keith Law apparently has the Brewers taking Notre Dame outfielder A.J. Pollock. If you're wondering who any of those guys are, head over to's Draft Reports page, where you can watch video of and read scouting reports on all the top prospects.

The biggest news breaking today is a lot of the top high school prospects want more money than anyone thought--a lot more, in some cases. Tyler Matzek, who was considered to be the "signable" prep lefty, compared to Matt Purke, now apparently wants "precedent-setting" money, aka $7M+. Shelby Miller, one of the top prep righties, was supposed to be signable for slot money but now wants $4M. Four of the top high school bats, including Trout, want at least $2M. Some of these guys are going to fall hard.

On a related note, it sounds like the Pirates are heavily considering drafting Boston College catcher Tony Sanchez with the fourth overall pick. Sanchez is seen as more of a late-first round or supplemental round talent; the Pirates would be drafting him to save money, either for later in the draft or Dominican uber-prospect Miguel Angel Sano, though they've denied that they'll be frugal in the draft fund international signings. After the McLouth trade, I have to think that a signability pick like Sanchez (hi, Mr. Moskos!) would go over like a flock of lead balloons with the Pittsburgh public.

The Brewers' first pick will probably come right around the time the game is getting underway, so feel free to discuss the draft in the game thread or here. Other great (free) places to discuss/research the draft are John Sickels' Minor League Ball and Andy Seiler's blog.