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Reds 5, Brewers 3

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W: Dave Weathers (2-2)
L: Seth McClung (3-3)
S: Francisco Cordero (22)

MVP: Prince Fielder (+.299)
LVP: Seth McClung (-.222)

Win Expectancy Graph
SB Nation Coverage

Today's game started off sluggishly with the first three innings taking nearly 90 minutes. In that time the Reds jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the first on a Brandon Phillips single. The Brewers scored a run on a JJ Hardy fielder's choice groundout in the second and tacked on two more on Prince Fielder's bomb in the 3rd. The Reds came back and tied it in the bottom of the third and that's where things sat for the next five innings.

In the bottom of the eighth Seth McClung came out for a second inning of work. Five pitches later, it was 5-3 on a Chris Dickerson single and Jonny Gomes home run. McClung finished the inning with no further damage but the Kendall-Catalanotto-Counsell triad in the top of the ninth couldn't get to Francisco Cordero. The Brewers settle for a split in the Queen City and head to Pittsburgh for a three-game series starting tomorrow.