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Cubs 9, Brewers 5

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W: Ryan Dempster (5-5)
L: Seth McClung (3-2)

HR: Mike Cameron (13), Prince Fielder (21), Derrek Lee 2 (14), Jake Fox (3), Geovany Soto (8)

MVP: Mike Cameron (+.149)
LVP: Seth McClung (-.324)

Win Expectancy Graph
SB Nation Coverage

Turns out, Seth McClung's second start was shorter than his first one.

McClung may have pitched himself out of the rotation once and for all tonight, allowing four runs in the first on home runs from Derrek Lee and Jake Fox en route to allowing seven runs on seven hits in just 3.1 innings. Chris Smith came in to try to keep the Brewers within shouting distance in the fourth but allowed a grand slam to Derrek Lee, who had seven RBI in the game's first four innings.

The Brewers were briefly back in the game in the top of the second, when a Mike Cameron two-run shot reduced the deficit to 4-2. Cameron had a good night in the loss, going 3-for-4 with a home run and two runs scored. Prince Fielder was also on base three times with a home run and a walk. Jody Gerut got a pinch hit single in the seventh, which surprised no one more than Tom Haudricourt, who tweeted the following:

Jody Gerut just got a pinch-hit single for the Brewers. I'm not kidding. Honest.

Tomorrow is another day.