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Monday Frosty Muglet

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KL Snow is in Iowa at a funeral and had plans for a Community Mug, but I didn't want to let the Felipe Lopez trade go undiscussed, so here's a muglet of Lopez trade discussions a few other links I found along the way.

Go ahead and add whatever links you're reading in the comments.


The MLB Daily Dish blog story on the trade includes a poll asking who got the better end of the deal. At last check, it was 70% in favor of the Brewers

Apparently Lopez's defense at SS was pretty sub-par, but the Transaction Oracle over at Baseball Think Factory says that has overshadowed his fully adequate abilities at 2B.

Al's Ramblings compares Lopez to Mark DeRosa

Bernie's Crew points out that it's not the blockbuster trade everyone's waiting for, but likes the likely compensation pick the team will pick up

Jon Heyman's Twitter says he's surprised the Brewers didn't go for Doug Davis in the deal, but wonders if that means they're aiming for a better catch

It took Roque Mercedes til age 22 to master A-ball, notes Baseball Musings, presumably implying his loss is not one the Brewers should worry about.

A deal for Roy Halladay will likely need to include four or five prospects, says Sheffield's House, meaning the Brewers aren't likely in the running - trading away eight prospects in one year would severely deplete the farm system.

Brewer Paradise Lost doesn't hate the trade, but doesn't like the idea of a McGehee/Counsell third base platoon

Team Wisconsin thinks that McGehee's struggles at third mean he's destined for the outfield and Jody Gerut is on his way out the door

And some non-Lopez links has a BBTN Clubhouse column by Eric Young about Prince pointing out that he can't do it alone

Bernie's Crew does an incredibly extensive breakdown of what a trade for Halladay would mean for the Brewers by evaluating talent, cost, health and cost. Best breakdown and conclusion I've read on it so far.

This Chicago Tribune article looks at the different teams interested in Halladay and actually gives the Brewers credit for having the best farm system (link via Team Wisconsin)

Apparently on last night's TMJ4 10:00 pm news there was a pretty great in-depth piece on McGehee and his son Mack, who was recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy. There's a written article and a link to the video on their site, here.

Steve Clark of the Manitowoc Herald-Times Reporter thinks that the Brewers aren't likely candidates in the Halladay trade, but says fans shouldn't despair - he thinks the season can be salvaged by picking up bullpen arms.

Timber Rattlers games have become such a draw that police not just from Appleton, but nearby Grand Chute as well, have had to be called in to help control traffic.