Why We Are So Lousy

Why We Are So Lousy(TM)

Starting Pitcher 2008 ERA Career ERA 2009 ERA
Yovani Gallardo 1.88 3.45 3.54
Jeff Suppan 4.96 4.67 5.27*
Braden Looper 4.16 4.06 4.99**
Dave Bush 4.18 4.56 5.67***
Manny Parra 4.39 4.98 6.26***
Seth McClung 4.02 5.48 5.03
Carlos Villanueva 4.07 4.31 6.05***
*Worst ERA since 2003 **Worst ERA since 1998 ***Career-worst ERA

Not that this is a surprise, exactly --- we all knew that our starting pitching had been a major disappointment. However, I was a little surprised to learn that every one of our starters is pitching worse than last year, every single one of them. Moreover, every one of them not a Klingon is also pitching worse than their career numbers (and McClung only gets a break because his numbers in Tampa were just God-awful). Even worse, only YoGa and McClung are not having their worst seasons in the past 6 years.

A while ago we were talking about the surliness of Doug Melvin. I feel bad for the guy. In the offseason, he tries to build a pitching staff, and figures, "well, we lose Sheets here, but we bring Gallardo back; we lose CC, let's try Looper," blissfully unaware that his entire starting rotation is going to tank, and tank hard.

(You know...this doesn't reflect particularly well on Bill Castro, either.)