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Brewers 6, Astros 2

W: Mike Burns (3-4)
L: Brian Moehler (7-9)

MVP: Mike Burns (+.280)
LVP: Mike Cameron (-.142)

Win Expectancy Graph
SBNation Coverage
STATS play-by-play

Three in a row for the first time in two months. Finally.

The Brewers were able to take the lead in the second inning, with a Mike Burns RBI and a two out rally led by Craig Counsell. Prince Fielder was caught stealing as Mike Cameron struck out in the bottom of the third. Claudio Vargas started to warm up in the bullpen in the top of the sixth after Burns let two Astros get on base. He took forever though so Burns decided to take down the side himself.

Alcides Escobar snuck into third base from first off of a hit from teammate Felipe Lopez. Counsell snuck a ball right between a pair of Astros to drive in his third RBI of the game. Prince came up with the bases loaded in the bottom of the sixth and just missed hitting a grand slam. He did however get his job done and drove in yet another run. Mike Cameron got an RBI next, as Craiggers scored the sixth run for the Brewers. The Astros intentionally walked Frank Catalanotto to get to Jason Kendall, who popped out to the outfield.

Geoff Blum hit a ground-rule double that looked like it should've been a homer. Unfortunately for the Brewers, Hunter Pence came up and hit a home run to begin what would be a failed Astros rally. Ken Macha took Burns out after the seventh, but I think we can all agree that he played fantastically tonight.

David Weathers was brought in to relieve Burns. He had a three up, three down inning and was able to help preserve Burns' hard work. Todd Coffey was brought in to close the game. Counsell and Escobar both made excellent plays in the top of the ninth, but Trevor Hoffman was still warming up in case Coffey got too chilled. The final out was Escobar's to make and, despite falling down at second base, he was able to make it.