Suppan Shelled in Low A Game Updated with Photos

I was at the T-Rats game tonight. Hopefully I will post the pics tomorrow when I can see straight. Right now, I can barely see I am so tired. Unfortunately, for Jeff Suppan, the Beloit Snappers had no problem seeing the ball out of Jeff's hand.

When I paid the $3 to the parking lot guy he mentioned the "Soup" was pitching. In a moment of clairvoyance, I told the attendant that he will probably get shelled. Jeff's first inning was clean and gave me hope. It was short lived.

Suppan got absolutely shelled in the second, third and the part of the fourth that he pitched. Against a low-A club full of players that are so young they need their mom's permission to cross the state line. I don't think some of them need to shave more than once a week. The Snappers were absolutely crushing the ball off Jeff Suppan. The T-Rats reliever that came into the game Nick Tyson, was a monster and a complete polar opposite of Suppan.

Soup's final line - 3.1 IP 5 hits 4ER 0BB 1K

The 5 hits that he gave up - an infield single, three doubles and a triple. According to the stadium gun, Soup's fastest fast ball (that I saw) was 85 MPH.

Updated with photos and random thoughts


via Clint Elmore

Jeff Suppan throwing one of the few pitches that don't get smashed by the Snappers - of course that is because the game hasn't started yet. This is from the Timber Rattlers game on August 15, 2009


via Clint Elmore

Visual proof if Jeff Suppan's 'Fast' Ball. Yes it does read 85 MPH. On the plus side - his curve/change registered as low as 66 mph. This is from the first inning of the Timber Rattlers game on August 15, 2009


via Clint Elmore

Saturday night was a Tribute to Elvis night... Fang the T-Rats Mascot took part in the fun


via Clint Elmore

The T-Rats staff really needs someone who knows photoshop. Someone did a really bad job of 'drawing' an Elvis wig on Brett Lawie's scoreboard photo.

All a part of the fun of Elvis Tribute night in a minor league park.


via Clint Elmore

Brett Lawrie coiling up to bloop a single over the short stops head in the first inning of the game on August 15, 2009. Brett was later picked off/caught stealing.

Some other random thoughts on the game now that I am not so tired...

Josh Prince is FAST - like Bill E Hall in a track suit fast - if not faster. If he ever learns how to play defense and hit...

Whoever says Brett Lawrie can't play defense didn't see the double play that he started (I believe it was in the 6th) Web Gem nominee.

Brock Kjelgaard (or however you spell his name) can not play left field. I have seen better routes to the ball taken on city softball leagues.

Cory Kemp might have something. Played a good first base and didn't look stupid at the plate. Of course he is an old A baller so maybe that had something to do with it....

While the tickets and parking where cheaper than Miller Park - the food and beverages were not. Also - I am a tall fat guy and had no room whatsoever in the 'good seats' We were four rows off the field in actual seats (compared to bleachers benches) and had no leg room. But the tickets were only $10.