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Taking a stroll with Prince Fielder

If you missed last night's game, Prince Fielder went 0-for-1 with four walks, raising his 2009 total to 82. Here are a few brief notes on the accomplishment:

  • Fielder needs just 18 more walks in 2009 to become the first Brewer ever to reach 100. Jeromy Burnitz walked 99 times in 2000, setting the current franchise record.
  • Fielder, who walked 90 times in 2007 and 84 times last season, is only the second Brewer ever to post three 80 walk seasons. Jeromy Burnitz did it in 1999, 2000 and 2001.
  • Fielder's 256 walks since the start of the 2007 season are the eighth most in baseball during that time. Adam Dunn has 316, 21 more than his closest competitor.
  • Fielder's 317 career walks are already the sixteenth most in franchise history. If he keeps his current pace and walks 109 times in 2009, he'll pass David Nilsson, Sixto Lezcano, Charlie Moore and Rob Deer to move into twelfth place.
  • Fielder's four walk performance yesterday has only been matched 37 times in franchise history. He's done it three times. Jeromy Burnitz, Sal Bando and Danny Walton are the only Brewers ever to walk five times in a game.
  • Fielder has drawn a walk once every 8.28 plate appearances over his career, the fifth fastest pace in franchise history among batters with at least 300 walks:


Player BB PA BB/PA
Johnny Briggs 303 2237 7.38
Jeromy Burnitz 423 3269 7.73
Rob Deer 333 2710 8.14
Gorman Thomas 501 4133 8.25
Prince Fielder 317 2624 8.28