Witrado on Trading Fielder: "I'm not saying it's a must, but they have to"

(OK, that headline probably isn't fair, since it would seem that Anthony meant to include "do something" or "listen to offers" or something like that at the end of that sentence. But that's not what he wrote, and he writes for a living.)

ANYWAY, in his latest blog offering, Anthony links to the FanGraphs article which advocates trading Prince for pitching -- and he wants you to know that he did not steal this idea, he "had this exact conversation during batting practice before I saw this thread."

As you might expect, Witrado's in favor of moving Prince if the team can't find another way to improve the pitching staff -- which, Anthony says, "as of now, injured or healthy, it isn't good enough to carry the team to the playoffs." (Bu-wha-huh? When is an injured rotation ever good enough to get a team to the playoffs? And, yes, I think I know what he meant to say -- even if everybody was healthy, this pitching staff ain't great -- but, again: not what he wrote, writes for a living.)

And, as you might also expect, while coming out in favor of the move, Witrado doesn't put any thought into who the Brewers could (or would) actually trade Prince for ... which makes sense, because there aren't a lot of teams who can offer top-of-the-line, Major League-ready pitching, which is what Doug Melvin would undoubtedly demand in exchange for a guy who has OPS'ed 1.001 this year and is a lethal left-handed weapon in a team devoid of left-handed hitters.

But, hey, what do I know? I wasn't chatting up this topic at the batting cage yesterday.