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Things I Would Like To See from the 2009 Brewers

The Brewers are still clinging onto the fringe of the postseason race, but there's more than just the standings to watch. It's impossible to tell how two months of a season will play out, but I think every baseball fan has some things he or she wants to see happen. Below is my list. Some of it may seem silly - trust me, it's how I intend it to be.

We'll start off a with a serious one, because it's on the front page. Gravitas and all.

1. Prince Fielder win the RBI title. Albert Pujols currently leads the league in RBI, but Prince is hot on his heels and third place isn't even close. With rumblings about intentionally walking Pujols starting to get louder, it's possible his RBI numbers could slow down over the last two months. If Prince keeps hitting the way he has all season, he could sneak in and win the crown. At the very least, he has a very good chance at breaking Cecil Cooper's franchise record of 126 RBI, set in 1983.

Follow the jump for the rest of the list.

2. Let Casey McGehee catch a game, or even an inning. Yes, I know he's not good enough behind the plate to be a starting catcher. There's a reason he was moved to third base soon after beginning his minor league career. That said, one does get sick of watching the same catcher and same backup every day and, heck, it's not like he'd be lost back there. Maybe a few years down the line someone will look at his career statistics and think, whoa, he caught?! Hey, it happens with Carlos Delgado. Let Casey catch!

3. Let Prince Fielder play every inning at first base. Through 107 games, Prince Fielder hasn't missed so much as an inning in the field, an impressive feat given interleague play and the fact the "future DH" tag is applied to him liberally. Richie Sexson did it in 2003, the first time it happened in the majors since Travis Fryman did it in the shortened 1995 season. The only other Brewers player to come close was Robin Yount, who fell four innings short in 1976. But, if he has to miss a day somewhere down the line, then I hope the next item on the list happens...

4. Play Bill Hall at every position in one game. Billy has now played every position outside of first base, catcher, and pitcher in his major league career. If the team is out of it during the final homestand, why not let Hall do his best Bert Campaneris impression? I think it would be an entertaining way to close out the year. That said, I could see Bill not agreeing to go along with it, as it really is just a stunt, and one that could be construed of making fun of jerking him around the diamond for years.

5. Give Lindsay Gulin a start in the majors. Yes, he doesn't really deserve it based on his pitching so far this year and yes, there's not much point in bumping someone off the 40-man roster for a feel-good story and yes, the "real" starting rotation should be back to "normal" soon. Good teams just don't do this stuff. But hey, Why Not? There's already one independent league veteran on the squad, might as well make it two. But if you don't want to go that far, you can always...

6. Give Chris Cody a start in the majors. So he hasn't been as good in AAA as he was in AA. So he's 25 and came into the year as basically a non-prospect. So his nickname could be Pianist Wrestler. So what? He's done better than other Brewers minor league starters.

7. Let Chris Smith pitch with a lead. After saving 12 games in 21 appearances in AAA, the Brewers' version of Generic RHP has been banished to mopup work in the majors. As such, the team is 1-21 in his appearances. The only victory was the Brewers' wild comeback victory over the Giants on June 27. He would have been in line for the win had Trevor Hoffman not blown the save in the top of the inning. Of his 22 appearances, he has only entered one with even so much as a tie. Throw the kid a bone and let him try and get a hold.

8. Finally, let RJ Swindle try and banish the AAAA tag. Swindle hasn't pitched a game in the majors this year without allowing a run. He only made one scoreless appearance last year. But he's been dominant in AAA, with a 1.43 ERA in 59 games and 92 strikeouts in 82 innings. There's not much more he can do at AAA. So let him make a run at Benj Sampson's record 14 straight relief appearances allowing a run. Maybe he'll kick it in gear along the way.

So what would you like to see the Brewers do this year?