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Wednesday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while getting your head on straight.

The Brewers were officially eliminated from postseason contention last night, and it's probably fitting that it happened on a day where Craig Counsell started at third over Mat Gamel and Casey McGehee. Macha threw Gamel under the bus while defending his decision not to play one of the organization's top prospects.

Meanwhile, Casey McGehee's surprising performance this season is drawing more attention: Hardball Cooperative has some of the details on McGehee's impressive season, but says he'll have to prove again next spring that he's more than a minor league lifer.

If you've missed every previous opportunity to see obnoxious Cub fans at Miller Park this season, you've got one feel free to skip it. If you're a fan of offense, though, then this could be an interesting game, as Chris Narveson gets the start for the Brewers against Jeff Samardzija, who is filling in for Ted Lilly. Tonight's pitchers have a combined four major league starts.

Narveson is still filling Manny Parra's spot in the rotation, but Parra will return on Friday to fill the spot vacated by Yovani Gallardo (FanShot). If he can somehow throw 8.1 scoreless innings over his remaining two starts, he'll finish 2009 with an ERA under 6.

Prince Fielder updated his blog yesterday, thanking fans for their support and looking ahead to this year's Hank Aaron Award. View From The Bleachers notes that Ryan Braun's next home run will make he and Fielder just the third active set of teammates to post 30+ HR in three straight seasons.

Plunk Everyone noted that, before last night, Jason Kendall had been hit by Randy Wolf and Kip Wells, but never by Randy Wells. They took care of that in the sixth inning. Kendall is now 17 HBP ahead of second place in the race for most HBP in the '00s.

Is baseball ready for a shortstop renaissance? Baseball Digest Daily notes three potential star shortstops lurking on the horizon: Elvis Andrus, Everth Cabrera and Alcides Escobar.

On assorted rankings:
  • WhatifSports moved the Brewers up two spots to 16th in their Power Rankings.
  • Circling the Bases has Trevor Hoffman 43rd and Braden Looper 39th in their rankings of the top 111 free agents this offseason.
Happy birthday today to Jeff Cirillo, who appeared in 978 games as a Brewer (and one as an opposing pitcher) and turns 40 today. Also Pete Harnisch, who appeared in four games for the 1997 Brewers, turns 43.

Oh, and today is a Woot-off day.

Drink up.