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This Week in Twitter (T.W.I.T.): The Braden Looper edition

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Braden Looper likely has one more 2009 start as a Brewer, and he'll enter it with a 5.10 ERA, needing to pitch four scoreless innings just to finish the season with an ERA under 5. He now leads the NL in both home runs allowed (39) and earned runs allowed (107), holds the franchise record for home runs, and his earned runs allowed are the most by a Brewer since Doug Davis allowed 111 in 2006. Even while setting records for futility, Looper has made 33 starts this season, maxing out his contract incentives and earning an extra $750,000.

Doug Melvin recently said he's "leaning toward" bringing Looper back for 2010. Let's see what Twitter had to say about Looper before and during last night's game:

Even before the game, Tom H. didn't feel too optimistic about the matchup:

@Haudricourt Phillies lead NL with 214 homers. Braden Looper leads ML pitchers with 37 homers allowed. Interesting match-up tonight.

The next stage of grief was disbelief:

@gigger1210 Braden looper gave up a homer. I can't believe it. He never gives up homers

Then anger:

@Jdondlinger I'm really sick of watching Braden Looper give up gopher balls. Please Doug, do not pickup his option for 2010.

Then, one Brewer fan looked for an alternate solution:

@JohnLusis Well we learned that Braden looper is a really good BP pitcher this year.

And, of course, Adam McCalvy was able to find the bright side:

@AdamMcCalvy Paul Bako hits HR No. 38 off Braden Looper. Prince Fielder (43) still has edge in #Brewers HR derby