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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while moving the Wingnut to F3.

Two weeks ago, Mark Attanasio told Telly Hughes the Brewers don't need a major overhaul and he didn't see any major moves on the horizon this offseason. Apparently a lot can happen in two weeks, because Attanasio has changed his tune and now says the Brewers will "explore every avenue" this offseason, including the possibility of trading Prince Fielder.

There would likely be howls of protest if this deal went through: The Baseball Opinion speculates that the Brewers could trade Fielder to the Braves for Javier Vazquez. Vazquez would be a one-year rental for the Crew, and his $11.5 million salary would mean the Brewers would actually be spending more than they'd spend to keep Fielder, who is due $10.5 million.

Elsewhere on the market, Brewers Daily has a list of potential free agent pitchers this offseason, and looks at which ones might be candidates for the Brewers. If the Brewers, or any other team, are planning on signing a free agent pitcher to save them, they should read this post at FanGraphs which notes that just three of the top 30 starting pitchers in baseball were acquired via free agency. Eleven were acquired by trade, and 13 were drafted.

By the way, Jason Marquis is another name that will likely come up at some point. Jorge Says No! thinks he'll get 3 years, $24 million.

For many Brewers, the day off yesterday gave them an opportunity to take a break and refocus before opening tonight's series in Colorado. For Mat Gamel, though, it was more of the same: He got zero at bats yesterday, the same number he's been given most days in September. Adam McCalvy takes a look at the season that was for one of the Brewers' top prospects, and Gord Ash steps in to stick up for the kid a bit.

No, Rickie Weeks is not moving to center field. Repeat it as many times as required to make it sink in.

In the minors, Jake Odorizzi (#2), Eric Arnett (#10) and Nick Bucci (#17) cracked Baseball America's list of the top 20 prospects in the Pioneer League (FanShot). One can probably expect all three of them to open the season in Wisconsin next spring.

The Brewers dropped one spot to 18th in The Sporting News' Power Rankings.

Around baseball:

Red Sox: Designated outfielder Chris Carter for assignment.

There haven't been as many complaints about it this year, but it's a pretty good year to be a large market team. Unless the Twins or Braves make a late charge and unseat the Tigers or Phillies, six of the top eight 2009 payrolls will be represented in the postseason. The Mets and Cubs are the only top-8 teams missing out.

The Ghost of Moonlight Graham recently visited Miller Park for the first time, and has a relatively quick review. Not to be outdone, Babes Love Baseball has an even quicker review of Robinade.

Happy birthday today to Ken Macha. Would you have guessed he's only 59? Also, happy birthday to Rob Deer, who turns 49.

That's all I have for you today, unless you're looking for panoramic views of Israel set to Ryan Braun home run calls.

Drink up.