Retro Unis for the 40th Anniversary of the Brewers First Year In Milwaukee

(Whatever the hell that means.)

If there's one thing a professional baseball team loves, it's the chance to wear -- and sell -- uniforms from days of yore as part of an anniversary celebration. Our local nine is no different, so, to commemorate the 40th anniv ... you know what? I'm not typing it again, because it just makes my head hurt more.

So: which unis do you want to see?

The choices:

The 80's home uniforms, with block letters and pinstripes

The 80's powder blue uniforms (it's the same link as the one immediately above)

The 80's gray road uniforms

The 90's pinstriped uniforms, with "Brewers" in script

The circa-1996 uniform, with the interlocking "MB" on the hat

The circa-1998 uniform, with the "M" on the hat (and no alternate road hat with the tealish brim)

The 1999 Turn Ahead the Clock uniforms, sans sleeves but with Barrel Man

EDIT: Or FtJ's badass '70s uniform, complete with shark necklace and muttonchops.

I'm sure I've missed a few, so drop 'em in the comments, if you don't mind.