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The Brewer Advent Calendar #23: Joe Inglett

Behind the second door of the 2010 Brewer Advent Calendar we find...Joe Inglett!

As the (second) newest Brewer, Inglett immediately becomes an interesting candidate for the final infield spot on the bench. In 2008, his only "full" season in the majors, Inglett hit .297/.355/.407 in 385 plate appearances while splitting time between second base (66 games), left field (22 games), right field (12 games), third base (six times), shortstop (twice) and center field (once).

He also showed a little bit of speed that season, legging out seven triples and stealing nine bases in eleven attempts. Since 2000, only five Brewers have matched that feat:

Player Season 3B SB
Corey Hart 2007 9 23
Scott Podsednik 2003 8 43
Ryan Braun 2008 7 14
Rickie Weeks 2008 7 19
Scott Podsednik 2004 7 70
Alex Sanchez 2002 7 37