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The Brewer Advent Calendar #22: Jim Edmonds

Behind the third door we find...Jim Edmonds!

(If the Brewers keep signing a new player each day, the Advent Calendar is going to be really easy.)

As I'm sure most of you know, Jim Edmonds is a former Cardinal and Cub. Before that, though, he was an Angel. In fact, he was an Angel so long ago that he's one of the last remaining California Angels.

Before the 1997 season, the Angels changed their name from the California Angels to the Anaheim Angels (before eventually becoming the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim). Edmonds is one of just four active players from the 1996 team:

Player 2009 Team
Jim Edmonds n/a
Garret Anderson Braves
Darin Erstad Astros
Troy Percival Rays