Sickels' Top 20 Brewers Prospects


Sickels' conclusion like this system; there is a lot of depth here. I really believe in Brett Lawrie's bat. I'd just make him an outfielder and let him concentrate on hitting, but if he can improve his second base defense the Jeff Kent comparisons are dead-on. The guy seems to thrive on big stages. Escobar is a strong Grade B and could have a 15-year career, but I have enough concerns about what his hitting will look like over a full season to avoid adding a "+" to the grade. Gamel's reputation goes up and down and is down right now with a lot of people, but he's still too young for me to diss him completely. I think Lucroy's power will come back. Kentrail Davis could rival Lawrie at number one among the hitters once we get some pro data. I'm impressed with the pitching depth. I buy into Arnett enough to rank him tops right now, but the lower and middle levels of the farm system are filled with interesting arms: Odorizzi, Peralta, and Scarpetta are all personal favorites, and there are others with significant potential as well. There are inning-eater types, there are very live arms, there are relief prospects, there are just a lot of options here. Josh Butler is overlooked and could be a nice surprise investment for people in '10. Overall, I think Brewers fans should be pleased with the way things are developing on the farm.