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Brewers 9, Mets 2

W: Chris Narveson (12-9)
L: Dillon Gee (2-2)

MVP: Chris Narveson (.231)
LVP: Todd Coffey (-.041)

win probability graph and star of the game voting
SBNation coverage

This game turned out a lot better than the game I was actually attending and I really wish I had stayed home to watch this one. I'm actually watching the recording right now.

Chris Narveson pitched something resembling a gem for his final start of 2010. He struck out 9 in 6.2 innings while only giving up one run and also managed a hit (and, as usual, also didn't score.) In relatively meaningless stat news, he finally got enough run support for a win and also got his ERA under 5 for the year. (And Brandon Kintzler got his career ERA under 9....)

Speaking of more meaningless stats, Casey McGehee and Corey Hart joined Ryan Braun in the 100 RBI club for 2010, making the Brewers the only team in the league with 3 players with 100 RBI.