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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while airing your grievances. (h/t Ben Badler)

Yesterday's big news was the announcement of several awards from the Milwaukee chapter of the BBWAA. In a somewhat puzzling move, the six voting members selected Casey McGehee as the 2010 Brewer MVP, giving him the first place vote on three ballots. Here's a quick rundown of the awards:

Runner Up
Casey McGehee
Rickie Weeks
Most Valuable Pitcher
Yovani Gallardo
John Axford
Top Newcomer
John Axford
Lorenzo Cain
Unsung Hero
Kameron Loe
Jonathan Lucroy
Good Guy
Trevor Hoffman
Craig Counsell

As you might expect there was plenty of reaction to McGehee's selection, and most of it wasn't positive:

Elsewhere in awards, Brew City Sports is down to their final four in the tournament to crown 2010's worst Brewer. Unfortunately, the addition of photoshopped images makes this round's link potentially NSFW.

Meanwhile, on the managerial front:

As we continue to discuss managerial candidates, this seems exceptionally relevant: Minor League Ball has an interesting conversation starter asking if you'd rather have an expert tactician or clubhouse leader at the helm.

Meanwhile the possibility of trading for Zack Greinke remains out there, but there are questions about whether or not it's a good idea. View From Bernie's Chalet compares it to eating that second donut, and cautions against mortgaging the future for a short term sugar rush.

Speaking of expensive options, here's a reminder that a fair number of 2010's expenditures didn't work out: The Brewers ranked third in the Central in 2010 with $2.46 million spent per marginal win. The Reds came in first at $1.42 million, followed by the Cardinals at $2.2.

In the minors: It was a pretty good day for Brewers in the AFL, as Caleb Gindl and Eric Farris both had productive games at the plate and Brandon Kintzler pitched 1.1 scoreless innings in a Surprise victory (AFL Update). It sounds like Farris had the at-bat of the day: Jason Grey reports he singled to end a 14-pitch AB, then stole second on the next pitch.

Around baseball:

Cardinals: Signed manager Tony La Russa to a one year contract extension for 2011.
Reds: Are likely to decline shortstop Orlando Cabrera's team option for 2011, making him a free agent.

Odds are I'll never get the opportunity, but if I ever get the chance to run a major league team I'm going to hire Wezen-ball as my director of promotions and this list of failed 2010 ideas is the reason why.

Here's how you know it's a slow news day: The guys at Hardball Talk are discussing reenacting a 2007 incident in the stands at Shea Stadium.

I'm not sure how I missed it, but yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the release of the NES. I'm saving my celebration for next week, when I'm delivering a Tecmo Super Bowl beatdown to Colin Fly.

On this day in 1982, the Cardinals routed the Brewers 13-1 in game six of the World Series, forcing a winner-take-all game seven.

Happy birthday today to:

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've found a new use for bacon.

Drink up.