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The Weekend Mug

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Some things to read after I carved my pumpkin. (Feel free to link to pictures of your jack o' lanterns!)

It's been a while since I've done a weekend mug.  My apologies for that--it's been a hectic few weeks in Madison between school and my new job.  Everything seems to have settled down now, though, so I should be around from now on.  That being said, there hasn't been a whole lot of news in the Cream City the past couple days, so this mug will probably be a nice compact one. 

The hot topic is still the Brewers managerial search, as Tom H checks in reminding us Milwaukee still hasn't made a decision.  The Final Four still hasn't changed from the reported Melvin, Cora, Valentine and Roenicke. 

There might be some thought that Doug Melvin has already made his decision on who to hire to fill the vacancy and is just waiting until after the completion of the world series to make the announcement.  Tom says that that isn't the case, and the Brewers are still considering their options. The interesting thing to me in that article is it appears that Bob Melvin isn't Doug Melvin's favorite candidate, as was previously thought.  It actually looks like D. Melvin is a big fan of Bobby Valentine and it isn't just Mark Attanasio pushing for a big name manager.  NBC's Hardball Talk is also thinking Valentine is the clear favorite.  I'm just glad to see we (hopefully) won't have to continue differentiating between B. Melvin and D. Melvin.

The only other Brewer related news I was able to found (apparently people don't write much about the Brewers on Halloween weekend) is this post from Fragile Freddy's ranking the thirty major league teams on how important they have been to baseball fans in general.  The Brewers were able to check in at 26th place, while the Yankees are first.

Around the Majors:
Twins: Exercised option on Jason Kubel, but decline Nick Punto's option

Have you been watching the World Series?  No?  You aren't the only one.  World Series ratings are down nearly 25% from last year when the Yankees defeated the Phillies.  Game two of this years series is the second lowest rating ever.  I'll be honest, I haven't really been watching.  Neither the Giants nor the Rangers interest me very much, and I suspect many people think  that way. Even though Giants closer Brian Wilson seems like a pretty cool cat.

In rumor news, the White Sox are interested in the Cardinal's Colby Rasmus and are willing to part with Carlos Quentin.  Also, the Yankees are looking for a left handed reliever.  Maybe they'll want to take Mitch Stetter off the Brewers' hands. 

That's all I've got this weekend unless you want to read the worst player scouting ever.  (h/t  Baseball Think Factory)