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Considering Other Options, Part 2: Casey McGehee

This is part two in a five part series considering tradeable Brewers not named Prince Fielder.

We'll continue the series with a consideration of Casey McGehee:

Reasons to make a move:

McGehee is a regression candidate. Last year at this time many/most of us thought McGehee would have a down year in 2010. We were all wrong, but that's no reason not to think it again this year. McGehee's success as a major league regular came out of nowhere and has been so surprising that it's only natural to be wary of the possibility that the rug may get pulled out from under him at some point.

With that said, after McGehee's stellar 2010 season it's easier to believe he's going to continue to be a solid regular.

His value has never been higher, and may be artificially elevated. Many of us recognize that RBI isn't an ideal number to use when evaluating major league hitters, but not everyone has climbed aboard that boat. There may be teams out there that will inflate McGehee's value based on the fact that he drove in 100 runs in 2010.

He's holding a position Mat Gamel could potentially fill. If you believe that Mat Gamel is capable of becoming a full-time major league third baseman, then Casey McGehee is one of the obstacles standing in his way. Trading McGehee would make room for Gamel to get the big league opportunity many feel he deserves.

Contract status: Any team acquiring McGehee would have him under team control for four more seasons. McGehee won't even be arbitration eligible for the first time until next offseason.

Reasons to hold onto him:

Contract status: As mentioned above, McGehee is under team control for four more seasons. If you believe McGehee can hold up defensively at third base for that time, then the Brewers have a somewhat difficult-to-fill position filled through the 2014 season.

Mat Gamel may or may not be able to play third base. If you trade McGehee to give Mat Gamel a shot to play everyday, what happens if it turns out that he's incapable of doing so? The Brewers don't have another third baseman on the roster or in the upper levels of the minors ready to step in.

He may be needed at first. If the Brewers do decide to trade Prince Fielder, McGehee would be one of the players likely considered to take his place at first base and in the cleanup spot.

So, what do you think? Should the Brewers consider using Casey McGehee as a trading chip to fill a hole in the rotation?