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Considering Other Options, Part 5: Sell-Low Candidates

This is the fifth and final entry in a day-long series considering Brewer trading options not named Prince Fielder.

If they're still with the team, these three guys will likely be three of the most interesting players in Maryvale next spring. They've each had disappointing careers thus far, however, and it's possible the Brewers will look to unload them this winter:

  • Mat Gamel
  • Carlos Gomez
  • Manny Parra

Reasons to make a deal:

Unloading a disappointment. All three of these guys were supposed to be key contributors to the Brewers by now. Gamel, supposedly near-ready for the big leagues at the start of the 2009 season, has been limited by injuries and questions about his ability to play a position (any position) in the field. Gomez's maddening approach at the plate and obsession with hitting .260 made him one of the more frustrating .298 OBP-players in recent memory. And Manny Parra's inconsistency led to him being booted from the rotation. There's a decent chance that each of these guys will never contribute much more than they already have. You can make a case that it's time to move on.

Change of scenery. If you care about doing what's right for these guys (a secondary priority at best, but nonetheless), then the right thing to do might be to send them off to start fresh somewhere else and see if a different coaching staff can straighten them out. Gomez has already been a part of three organizations, but Gamel and Parra have both spent their entire career with this franchise.

Reasons to hold on:

Upside: While they're all unique cases, all three of these guys are frustrating for the same reason: They all have phenomenal upside. Gamel's bat will play more or less anywhere, if he can stay healthy and play a position well enough to avoid negating it. Gomez's speed and defensive ability would make him an exciting and valuable player if his OBP could just approach league average. Parra has excellent stuff when he's on, and pitched pretty well as a reliever in 2010.

Selling Low: Because of their struggles, none of these three guys would likely net anything of significant value by themselves. At best, they'd be likely add-ons to a larger deal or part of minor deals.

So, what do you think?