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Curse, Part 2: Also Known As "The Curse Signal is Not A Beeper."

Editor's Note: This post is the sequel to this one, so if you missed the first installment it might not make sense.

Of course, missing both installments might be your best bet. - KL

You wake up in a cold sweat, again. "It's just a dream," you tell yourself. An all too familiar dream, but a dream nonetheless. And the pull is there again.

Lately, you've come to recognize this strange desire to make a midnight trip to Miller Park without thinking about it. It seems like the shadowy figure is calling all the time lately. Two weeks ago it needed help moving a couch in the clubhouse. Last week, it really wanted to play Parcheesi.

Silently, you get dressed and get in the car. You drive to Miller Park and stop your car in the same place you did last time. You enter through the same gate.

Something is different this time, though: "DON'T DO IT" is spray painted in bold letters on the wall in the concourse. "Wow," you say aloud, "someone is strongly opposed to the decision to add Dan Merklinger to the 40 man roster."

As you approach the field, you see the shadowy figure once again. He's standing over a pentagram drawn in chalk, which he's carefully positioned equidistant from first base, second base and the dead spot in the grass in right where Corey Hart stands. As you jump the fence onto the field, the pentagram lights up.

"The Brewers' sins remain unforgiven and unforgotten," the figure says. "It is time for another sacrifice.

"I have chosen three members of the 2011 Brewers. You may only keep one. Make your choice."