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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while solving the problem.

It's probably a little early to start referring to him as "the next Jim Edmonds," but an interesting possibility presented itself yesterday: Jarrod Washburn, who took the 2010 season off, is looking to return to baseball and the Brewers are rumored to be a candidate to sign him. Like Edmonds a year ago, Washburn sat out a season when teams failed to meet his contractual demands. He posted a 3.78 ERA for the Mariners and Tigers in 2009.

I must admit, I'm a little surprised to see some immediate backlash against this rumor. Both Jaymes Langrehr of The Brewers Bar and Jim Breen of Bernie's Crew immediately came out against the possibility of signing Washburn this offseason. I guess my reaction would depend on what kind of contract he's seeking, but I'd be more than willing to offer him an incentive-laden deal like Jim Edmonds signed a year ago with an opt-out clause if he's not on the Opening Day roster.

Yesterday we discussed the possibility that the Brewers could trade Casey McGehee to the A's this offseason for starting pitching. In the comments, backtocali said this (emphasis mine):

As with the case is right now with Fielder, though, (Doug Melvin) probably would have an inflated view of McGehee due to the RBI numbers, and might not be able to pull off the beneficial deal.

A few hours later, Tom Haudricourt tweeted this (again with my emphasis):

I wouldn't think the Brewers would be anxious to trade McGehee. He doesn't make much money and is a 100 RBI guy.

I'm going to need a softer desk.

Elsewhere in Speculationville: MLB Trade Rumors unveiled their list of the top 50 free agents yesterday, and they're predicting the Brewers will sign Derrek Lee and Kevin Correia. I could see the team giving Correia a shot, but I'd be very surprised to see them pursue Lee.

With that said, they have been in touch with another Lee: The Brewers Bar noted that the Brewers have been mentioned among the list of teams that have contacted Cliff Lee's agent to discuss possibilities. It's unlikely anything will come of it, but you never know unless you ask.

Here's another unlikely event: Trevor Hoffman still has interest in pitching next season, but only if he can find a team that's interested in letting him close.

At least the Brewers aren't being consistently linked to these guys: Carl Pavano and Jorge De La Rosa lead Jon Heyman's list of likely busts from this free agent season.

Meanwhile, Ron Roenicke continues to work on putting together his coaching staff for next season. He's met with Rick Peterson twice now, but is still going to consider other candidates before making a decision on his pitching coach. One other coaching candidate is off the market: Former Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu will be the Blue Jays' bench coach this season.

We spend a lot of time decrying the Brewers' lack of homegrown pitching, but it's worth noting that there's one very bright spot in the current rotation and another on the way: Minor League Baseball Prospects ranked Yovani Gallardo as baseball's sixth best pitcher under 25, and projected Jake Odorizzi to be the 25th best under 25 in 2015.

Speaking of Gallardo, he made an appearance at boxer Antonio Margarito's rally over the weekend.

Meanwhile, the offense is still not the problem. Jack Moore of Disciples of Uecker has some numbers to consider when evaluating this team's ability to score runs.

It seems a little early, but it looks like we're already headed into projection season: FanGraphs has the 2011 Bill James projections up on their player pages.

In the minors:

  • John Steinmiller is back from Arizona and shared an interview with Hunter Morris, who's been playing some third base in the Fall League. Morris makes it sound like the transition is going more smoothly than I would have expected. It would be a major improvement in his long term value if he could stick there.
  • Adam Foster of Project Prospect has a pretty ringing endorsement of Jeremy Jeffress' recent AFL performance.

Around baseball:

Tigers: Re-signed catcher Max St. Pierre to a minor league deal.

Today in former Brewer notes:

  • On Deck Circle has a look at Tommy Harper's 1970 season, which might be the best frequently forgotten season in franchise history.
  • Ted Simmons is one of twelve Hall of Fame candidates to be considered by the Expansion Era Committee at the winter meetings.

You've asked for it, and asked for it again, then asked for it louder, and it's finally done. ESPN announced yesterday that Joe Morgan and Jon Miller won't return for 2011 Sunday Night Baseball broadcasts. (FanShot) I would've liked to have seen Miller given a shot with a different partner, but Morgan's departure is a positive development for forward-thinking fans everywhere.

ESPN's decision to move on from Morgan has been met with about the reaction you'd expect from the internet: unabashed glee. With that said, a couple of very smart writers would like you to temper your enthusiasm, and I'd recommend you check out what Jeff Sullivan and Larry Granillo have to say on the matter.

On this day in 1982, Robin Yount was the unanimous selection for AL MVP. Yount led the league in hits, doubles and slugging while leading the Brewers to just their second postseason appearance in franchise history.

Happy birthday today to:

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm starting to transform.

Drink up.