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BCB Similarity Score Contest: Jeff Cirillo

It took until the very last minute, but ecocd won yesterday's contest with the following chain:

1) Russel Branyan
2) Gary Roenicke
3) Nick Esasky
4) Dick Gernert
5) Babe Young
6) James Loney
7) Billy Butler
8) Ed Cartwright
9) Smoky Joe Wood
10) Babe Ruth

So ecocd wins the first entry in the drawing for a free BCB t-shirt - congratulations! He and the rest of you are eligible to win another entry today: Today's player is Jeff Cirillo.

Follow this link to go back to yesterday's post to view the rules. After seeing how things played out yesterday, here are a couple of rules I feel the need to clarify and add:

  1. All correct entries must be one consecutive string. You can start from the start player and build to Ruth or start from Ruth and work back, but your end result must be one consecutive string. Answers which start from both ends and meet in the middle will not be eligible.
  2. The player you're trying to connect to is Babe Ruth the hitter, not the pitcher. There was a discussion yesterday about the possibility of jumping back and forth between hitters and pitchers. Let's keep things simple by limiting it to hitters.
Again, just like yesterday, you have until midnight. Good luck!