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BCB Similarity Score Contest: Mike Cameron

Unless something changed between my last check and midnight, yesterday's winner was Infield Fly Rule with this chain:

1 – Betancourt
2 – Charlie Gelbert
3 – Bill Cissell
4 – Mark Koenig
5 – Jack Wilson
6 – Julio Lugo
7 – Johnny Logan
8 – Mike Bordick
9 – Crosetti
10 – Joost
11 – McAuliffe
12 – Jose Valentin
13 – Stephens
14 – Joe Torre
15 – Whitaker
16 – Morgan
17 – Biggio
18 – Brett
19 – Winfield
20 – Ott
21 – Williams
22 – Ruth

So Infield Fly Rule wins another entry in the drawing for a free BCB t-shirt - congratulations! He and the rest of you get another chance to win an entry today: Your player is Mike Cameron.

Since we've added and changed a few rules over the course of the contest, I feel like I should republish the amended list:

  1. Use the B-Ref Similarity Scores, not the "Similar Batters Through (Age)" list, or the "Most Similar By Ages" list. 
  2. Show your work. Any entry must feature a full list of the players used to build the chain between that day's player and Babe Ruth.
  3. The first player and Babe Ruth both count as part of your score. If you have 20 players between a player and Babe Ruth, for example, then your score is 22.
  4. You have until midnight central time to enter that day's contest.
  5. The winning entry will be the commenter who submits the shortest string of players correctly tying that day's player to Babe Ruth. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the commenter who posts the shortest chain first. 
  6. No more than two entries per commenter per day. If you post an entry and someone else beats it, you're welcome to try again. But please limit yourself to two entries, so I'm not spending all day scrolling past outdated entries.
  7. All correct entries must be one consecutive string beginning with that day's player, and ending with Ruth. I had been allowing entries to start with Ruth and work back, but it looks like the challenge is both more difficult and more interesting from the other end of the chain.
  8. The player you're trying to connect to is Babe Ruth the hitter, not the pitcher. There was a discussion about the possibility of jumping back and forth between hitters and pitchers. Let's keep things simple by limiting it to hitters.
As always, you have until midnight. Good luck!