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BCB Similarity Score Contest: B.J. Surhoff

Once again, yesterday's winner was Infield Fly Rule with this chain:

1 – Cameron
2 – Ron Gant
3 – Bobby Bonds
4 – Reggie Smith
5 – Ellis Burks
6 – Larry Walker
7 – Vlad Guerrero
8 – Chipper Jones
9 – Frank Thomas
10 – Jimmie Foxx
11 – Lou Gehrig
12 – Babe Ruth

So Infield Fly Rule wins another entry in the drawing for a free BCB t-shirt - congratulations! He and the rest of you get another chance to win an entry today: Your player is B.J. Surhoff.

If you have any questions, visit yesterday's post for a full rundown of the rules. As always, you have until midnight. Good luck!