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BCB Similarity Score Contest: Ryan Braun

PagsBrewCrew won yesterday's contest with this chain:

1. Gregggggg Zaun
2. Dan Wilson
3. Don Slaught
4. Jack Clements
5. Thurman Munson
6. Bill Freehan
7. Benito Santiago
8. Lance Parrish
9. Johnny Bench
10. Carlton Fisk
11. Jeff Kent
12. Chipper Jones
13. Frank Thomas
14. Jimmie Foxx
15. Lou Gehrig
16. Babe Ruth

So Pags wins an entry in the drawing for a free BCB t-shirt - congratulations! He and the rest of you get another chance to win an entry today: Your player is Ryan Braun.

If you have any questions, visit Monday's post for a full rundown of the rules. As always, you have until midnight. Good luck!