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The Season of Giving...Curses?

Editor's Note: This post is the third installment in a series, and if you haven't read the others it might not make sense.

Actually, even if you have read the others it might not make sense. - KL

It's the middle of the night, again, and you wake up, again, with the pull drawing you to Miller Park, again. Just like the other times you get dressed, get in the car and head over.

As you're entering the park, you stop for a moment to check out the new Zack Greinke jerseys. Someone messed up the spelling - the jerseys you can see through the window all say "Groinke" on them.

It's about this time when you realize you're hearing footsteps. You turn to look and see a man running full speed towards you! You duck into a dark corner just in time and the man runs past and keeps going, humming the Ultimate Warrior theme. Apparently Todd Coffey does his offseason training at night.

As you're climbing onto the field, you notice a light on in the bullpen. The gate is open, and as you step inside the shadowy figure emerges from the bullpen restroom. You smell something unusual: The scent of burning money.

"Today," the figure begins, "the curse continues via time travel. In this modest restroom I have opened portals to the signings of three of the worst contracts in Brewer history. You must pass through one portal, get both the player and his contract, and bring them back here to play for the 2011 Brewers."