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Thanks for a great year!

Morning folks,

I wanted to take a moment on the final day of 2010 to thank all of you for another great year here at BCB. 2010 wasn't the year most of us hoped it would be on the field and that dampened the enthusiasm here for a bit, but we still had a very successful year and have reason to expect a huge step forward in 2011. Here's a partial list of the people I wanted to make sure I credit for the point we've reached:

  • Contributors: Thanks for all you've done to help keep this site active and interesting. Whether you're taking the reins on a recurring series, providing unique insights and reactions when things happen or filling in for me when I need a break, your contributions add a welcome diversity of content to this site and go a long way towards preserving my sanity. This site wouldn't be as good or as consistent without you.
  • The SBN team: You often don't get the recognition you deserve, but your work makes my life easier more or less every day. Thank you for giving me this platform to discuss the Brewers, and for continuing to develop new features that allow me to write more often and more efficiently.
  • Readers: Thanks for stopping by and continuing to stop by to check out our stuff, correct my mistakes and contribute to our community. As I mentioned on Tuesday, we had our three millionth visitor this week. Hopefully you've been entertained and informed, will continue to stop by and will tell your friend(s).

There won't be a Frosty Mug today: I'm on the road celebrating a late Christmas with my family. So, enjoy the final moments of 2010 today and I'll see you on Monday!