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The Weekend Mug

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Some things to read while turning it up to eleven.

The biggest news in for the Brewers this weekend, of course, is the trade of reliever Carlos Villanueva to the Toronto Blue Jays for a PTBNL. (Fanshot)  Lets go with some bullet-pointed reactions!

  • Tom H shares the popular opinion that the PTBNL will end up being a rule 5 eligible players that will allow the Brewers to select him without having to keep him on the Major League Roster.  
  • A quote from Doug Melvin seems to support that thought as well as he says he "is not motivated to name the player to be named".  Might that be because he doesn't want another team to select the player he is looking at?
  • The Bucky Channel notes that the 40 man roster now stands at 35.
  • Brewers Daily breaks down the trade and has a very good read about it.  They also predict that the PTBNL will likely be Brad Emaus.
  • Villanueva says he'll miss pitching in Milwaukee.

A lot of Brewer fans might be hoping that the Doug Melvin and the Brewers will now focus more on trading Prince Fielder, especially with baseballs Winter Meetings opening tomorrow.  However, we're still getting the same-old, same-old with Melvin as he continues to say how scarce pitching is on the market this season.  In that article, Tom H also takes a look at the Brewers starting pitching situation as it stands right now. 

Two notes on the Brewers radio announce team:  The official site has a feature about on Bob Uecker and Cory Provus has signed a two year contract extension that runs through 2011 to stay with the Brewers.  I can't say I mind that news.

Around the league:
Athletics: Signed OF Ryan Sweeney to a one year deal.
Braves: Acquired Scott Linebrink from the White Sox for RHP Kyle Cofield
Cardinals: Signed 1B Lance Berkman to a one year, $8MM contract
Dodgers: Finalized a one year/$3MM deal with C Rod Barajas
Giants: Resigned OF Pat Burrell
Mariners: Reached an agreement to bring back SS Josh Wilson for 2011
Mets: Hired Chad MacDonald as their new Scouting Director
Padres: Non-tendered Scott Hairston, Tony Gwynn, jr, Matt Antonelli, and Luis Perdermo, and re-signed Perdermo  to a minor league contract.  They also signed SP Aaron Harang to a one year deal
Reds: SIgned SP Bronson Arroyo to a 3 year/$35MM contract extension
Red Sox: Acquired 1B Adrian Gonzalez from the Padres for Casey Kelly, Anthony Rizzo and Reymond Fuentes and non-tendered recently acquired Andrew Miller
Tigers: Signed RP John Bale to a minor league deal
Yankees: Signed SS Derek Jeter to a 3 year/$51MM contract and also signed RP Mariano Rivera to a 2 year/$30MM contract AND signed Brian Anderson and Andy Sisco to minor league deals.

An interesting note to the Yankees finalizing their deal with Mariano  Rivera:  apparently, the Red Sox had offered a similar contract to Rivera in the hopes to lure him away from New York.  Boston was prepared to non-tender incumbent closer Jonathon Papelbon to make room for Rivera. 

With the Lance Berkman deal, it appears that he will be moving to the outfield and will take over in LF with Matt Holliday moving over to Right Field.

In former Brewers news, JJ Hardy was apparently close to being traded to Pittsburgh Pirates on Thursday.  There are believed to be five other potential suiters for Hardy: the Astros, Cardinals, Giants, Padres and Orioles.

It appears the Diamondbacks are looking to trade Mark Reynolds and are only looking for two relievers in return.  I think that I would be quite happy if the Brewers were able to trade Prince Fielder for a decent return and then trade two of their relievers for Reynolds to play 1B or 3B with Casey McGehee taking the other corner.

Keith Law isn't exactly a fan of the Rod Barajas signing.

That's all I've got this weekend.  Now I need to find my floor.