Brewers Assembling Package for Shaun Marcum


Holds collective breath. Edit by Noah: Matthew Pouliet speculates Mat Gamel will be sent to the Jays. Edit 2: Tom H says pitching prospects will be sent to the Blue Jays. Uh-oh. (h/t Charlie Marlow/Mykenk) Edit 3: Brett Lawrie? Moves closer to edge of seat. Edit 4: Nick Bucci going to Toronto as well? Can someone just figure out what the hell is going on? Edit 5: Bye-bye Brett Lawrie. Edit 6: Just Lawrie for Marcum straight up says Bob Elliot of the Toronto Sun, via MLB Trade Rumors, via throughbeingcool Edit 7: And confirmed by Tom H. It's definitely a Lawrie-Marcum one for one deal.