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A Crowdsourced Rule 5 Preview

This morning's Mug will still be up later, but I wanted to take a moment (at the last moment) to put up a quick preview for today's Rule 5 Draft. Before I get to the prospects, here are some things to know about the draft:


According to Wikipedia, players who meet these criteria can be drafted:

Players are eligible for selection in the Rule 5 draft who are not on their major league organization's 40-man roster and:

– were signed at age 19 or older and have been in the organization for four years; or

– were signed at age 18 or younger and have been in the organization for five years.

The catch:

Players selected in the major league portion of the Rule 5 draft cost $50,000 and must either remain on their new team's 25 man roster or DL for the entire 2011 season or be offered back to their original team for $25,000.

Draft position:

Draft order is determined by reversing 2010's standings. The Pirates have the #1 pick, and (unless I'm mistaken) the Brewers draft tenth.

That does not necessarily mean the Brewers will select the tenth player, however. Players drafted have to be immediately added to their new team's 40 man roster, so teams with full rosters or no desire to select a player may pass. In addition, picks may be traded after they are selected.

Follow the jump for a look at the available players!

The prospects:

I don't know a lot about many/most of the players available in this year's draft, but thankfully some others do and they posted their profiles online. Check the table below to see which players are profiled in which location, then follow these links to read more about them:

Baseball America (subscriber only)
Bucs Dugout (1)
Bucs Dugout (2)
Crawfish Boxes
Minor League Baseball Prospects
Pro Ball NW (1)
Pro Ball NW (2)
Prospect Insider

Player Organization Position Previews
Adams, Ryan Orioles 2B Baseball America, Bucs Dugout (1), Crawfish Boxes, Minor League Baseball Prospects
Altuve, Jose Astros 2B Minor League Baseball Prospects
Anderson, Brian Yankees P Pro Ball NW (2)
Aquasviva, Geison Dodgers P Crawfish Boxes
Arguello, Doug Astros P Pro Ball NW (1), Prospect Insider
Arias, Wilkins Yankees P Crawfish Boxes
Avilan, Luis Braves P Baseball America
Beato, Pedro Orioles P Bucs Dugout (1)
Bibens-Dirkx, Austin Cubs P Prospect Insider
Boscan, Wilfredo Rangers P Bucs Dugout (1)
Buck, Dallas Reds P Prospect Insider
Carr, Nick Mets P Pro Ball NW (1)
Clemens, Koby Astros 1B/3B/C Minor League Baseball Prospects
Correa, Heitor Phillies P Baseball America
Cova, Rafael Giants P Bucs Dugout (1)
Davis, Lars Rockies C Baseball America
Delgado, Ramon Cardinals P Bucs Dugout (1)
Delome, Collin Astros OF Minor League Baseball Prospects
Diamond, Scott Braves P Baseball America
Dorn, Danny Reds 1B/OF Pro Ball NW (1)
Emaus, Brad Blue Jays 2B/3B Baseball America, Bucs Dugout (1), Crawfish Boxes, Minor League Baseball Prospects
Fish, Robert Angels P Baseball America
Guillon, Ismael Reds P Baseball America
Gutierrez, Danny Rangers P Baseball America
Harris, Brendan Twins Util Pro Ball NW (2)
Heredia, Jairo Yankees P Bucs Dugout (1)
Heyer, Craig Yankees P Pro Ball NW (1)
Horst, Jeremy Reds P Crawfish Boxes
Hynes, Colt Padres P Baseball America
Ibarra, Edgar Twins P Baseball America
Jimenez, Luis Angels 3B Minor League Baseball Prospects
Johnson, Garrett White Sox P Baseball America
Kiker, Kasey Rangers P Baseball America, Crawfish Boxes
Loewen, Adam Blue Jays OF/1B Pro Ball NW (2)
McBride, Matt Indians C/OF Minor League Baseball Prospects
Meyers, Brad Nationals P Minor League Baseball Prospects
Miller, Adam Indians P Baseball America, Bucs Dugout (1), Pro Ball NW (1), Prospect Insider (1)
Morla, Ramon Mariners 3B Baseball America
Mulligan, Casey Cardinals P Baseball America
Negrych, Casey Pirates 2B Minor League Baseball Prospects
Ni, Fu-Te Tigers P Pro Ball NW (2), Prospect Insider
Orlando, Paulo Royals OF Baseball America, Bucs Dugout (1)
Pelzer, Wynn Orioles P Baseball America, Bucs Dugout (1), Crawfish Boxes, Prospect Insider
Pirela, Jose Yankees SS Minor League Baseball Prospects
Ramirez, Wilken Braves OF Pro Ball NW (2)
Rice, Jason Red Sox P Crawfish Boxes
Rodriguez, Aneury Rays P Baseball America, Bucs Dugout (2), Crawfish Boxes, Minor League Baseball Prospects,
Rowell, Billy Orioles OF/1B/3B Minor League Baseball Prospects
Rustich, Brant Mets P Bucs Dugout (1)
Schmidt, Nick Padres P Prospect Insider
Sellers, Justin Dodgers SS Crawfish Boxes
Simons, Zach Tigers P Bucs Dugout (1)
Sinkbeil, Brett Marlins P Prospect Insider
Smith, Marquez Cubs 3B Baseball America
Sweeney, Matt Rays 3B Baseball America
Turpen, Daniel Red Sox P Baseball America, Prospect Insider
Vogt, Stephen Rays OF/C/1B Baseball America
Waldrop, Kyle Twins P Baseball America, Bucs Dugout (1)
Waring, Brandon Orioles 3B/1B Baseball America, Crawfish Boxes
Zavada, Clay Diamondbacks P Prospect Insider