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The Brewer Advent Calendar #10: Craig Counsell

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Behind door #10 we find...Craig Counsell!

Counsell turned 39 in August and had a career year in 2009, posting a 105 OPS+, his highest since 1997, when he played in 51 games for the Marlins. His .285 batting average and .408 slugging percentage were also his highest since 2000.

His largest source of value, though, is his versatility. Over his 14 year major league career, Counsell has played 546 games at second base, 413 games at shortstop and 351 games at third. He's only the second player since 1901 to play in at least 350 games at each of those positions:

Player Seasons 2B SS 3B
Buck Herzog 1906-1920 490 473 459
Craig Counsell 1995-2010 546 413 351

Herzog, for whatever it's worth, was also a bit of a journeyman. Over his 13 year major league career he played for four teams, including three stints with the New York Giants and two stints with the Boston Braves.