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The Brewer Advent Calendar #9: David Riske

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That strange surgical scar sticking out from behind door #9 belongs to...David Riske!

He's hoping to be ready for Opening Day, but it's probably more realistic to expect Riske to make his 2010 debut sometime in May or June, after some time in extended spring training and a rehab assignment. It's a big season for Riske: it's his last chance to provide some level of return on the 3 year, $13 million contract he signed before the 2008 season, and his last chance to prove he's healthy enough to merit a major league deal next winter.

If he does manage to come back, he'll be in relatively rare territory. Riske pitched exactly one inning as a Brewer last season, something only nine players have ever done. Four of the nine were position players. Only two of the other eight appeared in a game for the Brewers the following season.

Pitcher Season IP IP Next Season
Greg Mullins 1998 1 0
Terry Francona 1989 1 0
Mark Loretta 2001 1 0
Neal Heaton 1992 1 0
Jim Gantner 1979 1 0
Buck Martinez 1979 1 0
Valerio de los Santos 2001 1 57.2
Jeff D'Amico 1999 1 162.1
David Riske 2009 1 ?