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Friday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while choosing science.

As you may have noticed in this FanShot, a panel of arbitrators decided in favor of Corey Hart this morning, and he will earn $4.8 million in 2010.

Yesterday, the Sports Agent Blog compared Hart to Hunter Pence. Pence is a superior player to Hart in nearly every way, and signed for $3.5 million this season. The comparison compelled Darren Heitner to say Hart "should be happy that the arbitrators can’t pick below the Brewers’ offer of $4.15 million."

As has been mentioned before, this was Doug Melvin's first arbitration hearing as GM of the Brewers. Given the result, it sounds like he'd be wise to avoid them in the future.

Beyond the Box Score is taking a look at 2010 playoff odds, as determined by various projection systems. PECOTA gives the Brewers a 15% chance at winning the Central and a 19% shot at the playoffs.

Over at FanGraphs, Matthew Carruth has a look at strikeouts, and the pitchers who need more or less pitches to get them. The league average is 4.8 pitches/K, but Trevor Hoffman has needed just 4.57 over the last three seasons, baseball's 16th best average.

Adam McCalvy has a breakdown of possible contract incentives for Jim Edmonds. He could earn as much as $2.6 million this season by becoming a full time player and making 525 plate appearances. He'll start racking up incentives at 200 PAs, triggering another one with every 25 PAs after that.

Good news for fans sick of being harassed by scalpers in the Miller Park parking lots: The bill designed to give the Brewers more leverage against scalpers has made it through committee in the Wisconsin State Senate, and could see a vote from the full body soon.

In the minors:

  • Baseball Prospectus has a great Q&A up with Bruce Seid, the Brewers director of amateur scouting, with a lot of insight on the Brewer draft strategy and some of the recent selections. (h/t
  • At The Hardball Times, Jeff Sackmann has a great look at adjustments that can be made to minor league park factors to account for handedness of hitters and asymmetrical outfields. 
  • Also at The Hardball Times, Max Marchi finished up his three part series on the best outfield arms in the minors, and listed spring training invitee Trent Oeltjen as the eighth best left fielder.
  • You know you're getting close to spring training when: The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers unveiled the second-to-last episode of The Offseason yesterday.

I said I was done talking about the Bud Selig statue and I meant it, but Wisconsin Sports Tap raises a good point: What about a statue of Bob Uecker?

Around baseball:

Angels: Re-signed infielder Robb Quinlan to a minor league deal.
Marlins: Signed Mike Lamb to a minor league deal.
Mets: Signed lefty Hisanori Takahashi and catcher Shawn Riggans to minor league deals.
Reds: Signed Kip Wells to a minor league deal.

Today's candidate for "most complicated new contract" is Pirates spring training invitee D.J. Carrasco. Assuming Carrasco makes the team, he'll earn incentives based on a point system, with values assigned for appearances, long relief appearances and starts.

And, on the freak injury front: Orioles starting pitcher Brad Bergesen will be behind schedule in spring training after injuring his shoulder throwing for a TV commercial in December.

Yesterday was retirement day for two likely future Hall of Famers, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas. Some notes on them from around the web:

  • The B-Ref Blog has several notes on Thomas' career, and credits him with the seventh best season in major league history, by OPS+.
  • Craig Mulder, the Baseball Hall of Fame's Communications Director, notes that Glavine will be eligible for the Hall for the first time in 2014, alongside former Braves teammate Greg Maddux, Thomas, Mike Mussina and Jeff Kent.
  • A's beat reporter Jane Lee remembers "watching a gorilla dressed in lingerie come out during BP and dance with Thomas on his 40th birthday."

Happy birthday today to 2009 Hunstville Star and Nashville Sound Adam Stern, who turns 30.

This is my last Mug before Valentine's Day, so it's my last chance to mention this, which I still think is one of my better rants.

Oh, and Nutzy the Flying Squirrel just moved to the top of my "Mascots I don't want to meet in a dark alley" list.

Drink up.