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Weekend Mug for 2/14

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Happy New Year 4707, everybody! It's the Year of the Tiger, and luckily the Brewers will not be facing them (or Justin Verlander) this year.

It's a slow weekend for Brewers and ex-Brewers news, unless you'd like fan rants about Corey Hart's arbitration win. Hart himself didn't think he would win.

Miller Park Drunk brings us a non-roster invitee fanfic chat script.

In-Between Hops also has a copy of the 2010 Bill James Handbook and he's been combing it for statistical tidbits.

As seen in this FanShot, Felipe Lopez has acquired new representation. His agent may have something to do with his unsigned status, but there are also other reasons.

In minor league affiliate news, the Timber Rattlers and Cedar Crest are collaborating on a new ice cream flavor and they'd like fans to go vote for the name.

around and around the rest of the majors:
Blue Jays: Scott Richmond has an injured shoulder.
Mariners: Mike Sweeney signs a minor league contract.
Orioles: Settle with Jeremy Guthrie before arbitration hearing, $3 million for 2010
Rays: Win an arbitration case. Again. B.J. Upton will be making $3 million in 2010.

For those of us who are complete nerds about Asian baseball, it's been hard to follow players for very specific reasons. Michael Street at Baseball Daily Digest explains why stats for Korean professional baseball are hard to come by. (Also, to editorialize, a lot of Korean websites use government-issued identification to restrict access to Korean citizens or permanent residents's a bit of an irritant for certain fandom participation.)

This weekend in Brewer birthdays: 2/13: Sal Bando (1944,) Matt Mieske (1968;) 2/14: Jaime Cocanower (1957,) Kelly Stinnett (1970.)

This is my last weekend Mug. I'm on a new work schedule involving, ugh, weekends as of this week. It's been absolutely great! I'll still be commenting (after 8 PM, or on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.)