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The Brewer Advent Calendar #6: Trevor Hoffman

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Hey, I hear really loud hard rock coming out of this door! There's probably a closer behind it!

Since the only time I've seen Trevor Hoffman save a game in person involved him relieving an injured and awful Bryan Corey and a just plain awful Cla Meredith in Colorado when he was with San Diego, I've never been privy to the entire fan experience at home when Hoffman enters to save games. Seeing him pitch on the road in a quieter environment, however, made me appreciate his unique pitching talents.

Most of us realize that Hoffman's 2009 season was one of the best of his career. Hopefully he'll be able to recreate or come close to that performance in 2010. We may not have that much longer to appreciate him, however, because he'll be the 4th-oldest player in MLB this season if all signed players appear in a game.

Jamie Moyer 1962-11-18
Tim Wakefield 1966-08-02
Omar Vizquel 1967-04-24
Trevor Hoffman 1967-10-13
Brad Ausmus 1969-04-14
Arthur Rhodes 1969-10-24
Ken Griffey 1969-11-21
Mariano Rivera 1969-11-29
Takashi Saito 1970-02-14
Craig Counsell 1970-08-21