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Brewers Advent Calendar #5: Prince Fielder

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 And behind door number five who do we find… why it's Prince Fielder!

We've all heard numerous times about the relationship between Prince and Cecil Fielder. But did you know that Cecil not only stole his son's money, he also thinks much more highly of his own baseball skills than his son's? Its true, just take a look at this video. According to Cecil, the only thing Prince does better than him is run.

But hold on now. Let’s take a look at their career numbers through 675 games.

Cecil Prince
BA .256 .284
H 566 675
2B 88 139
3B 3 8
HR 157 160
RBI 460 453
OPS 854 934

While their home run and RBI totals are fairly similar, it is quite clear that Prince is a better overall hitter than Cecil. Prince is also outplaying his father at a much younger age.

Now lets take a look at another Brewers legend: Robin Yount. Let's compare their numbers through 675 games

Yount Fielder
BA .273 .284
H 697 675
2B 113 139
3B 23 8
HR 23 160
RBI 240 453
OPS 670 934

And while Yount was much younger that Fielder through 675 games, many of their numbers are similar, with Fielder being the obvious winner in the power department. The big man is already tied for 8th on the Brewers all time home run list. If he is retained through the 2011 season, there's a good chance he could surpass Yount (251 HR) and take over the number one spot. A record that took Yount 20 seasons to set could take Prince a mere 6 full seasons. While I understand that Prince and Yount are completely different players, and I am in no way trying to say that Prince is a better overall player than Yount, we are watching one of the greatest players to ear Brewer blue.

So enjoy watching him while you still can Brewers fans, because your time to do so is probably running out.