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Monday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while classing up your art collection.

We're down to the final week before Brewer pitchers and catchers report to spring training, and Adam McCalvy has a preview of Brewer pitchers in camp and a look at some important dates to remember.

The Brewers' first workout of the Spring is a week from today, on February 22. I'm assuming Rick Peterson will be there, but he'll also be hosting a free live webinar on avoiding pitching injuries that day.

Either way, he likely won't be working with Mark Mulder. Mulder has reportedly decided to retire instead of attempting a comeback this spring. The Brewers might not have had room for him in Nashville anyway.

Elsewhere in spring training previews, the Journal Sentinel has notes on every major league team as they prepare to report to camp. Tom Haudricourt covered the NL, and Anthony Witrado attempted to cover the AL.

In the minors:

If you love the minor leagues and want to contribute to an interesting project, Project Prospect could use your help as they work to develop a Community Scouting Department.

In-Between Hops had some time to kill over the weekend and a copy of the Bill James Baseball Handbook: Follow the link for assorted tidbits on Yovani Gallardo, Randy Wolf, Doug Davis, Dave Bush, Todd Coffey and Trevor Hoffman.

Baseball Prospectus has once again updated their PECOTA projections, and the new version has the Brewers winning 78 games and finishing a game back of the second-place Cubs. Dave Cameron (of FanGraphs and USS Mariner fame) is not impressed with their work.

Just one transaction to note today:

Diamondbacks: Signed Edwin Jackson to a two year, $13.35 million deal, avoiding arbitration.

If you missed it, Morineko had a few more transactions in her Weekend Mug.

Here's an interesting note on a former Brewer: Joe Dillon will report to Rays spring training early to give the team an extra catcher. I think I recall Dillon being used to warm up pitchers between innings a few times as a Brewer. If he could learn to play the position full time, he could add a fair amount to his value.

Elsewhere in the division: Wisconsin Sports Tap has a preview of the 2010 Pirates. I think it's widely accepted that the Pirates are an organization headed in the right direction, but that might not be apparent when watching the big league club this season.

I know we're a little news-light today...if you still have some time to kill, consider checking out snow-covered auditions for the Nationals' Racing Presidents, or Joe Posnanski's essay on his Cleveland Browns bowling ball.

Happy birthday today to Larry Yount, who turns 60. Yount pitched in one game for the 1971 Astros, but is probably better known for being the brother of Brewer Hall of Famer Robin Yount.

Oh, and I don't know what you did, but Emma Span's Valentine's Day was better than yours. Personally, I went with the more traditional approach: Playing Monopoly and taking a chunk out of my thumb with a cheese grater.

If you haven't had enough Valentine's Day yet, Brewers Bar has Valentines for a few Brewers.

Drink up.