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The Brewer Advent Calendar #3: WhatifSports

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We’re down to the last three days of the Brewer Advent Calendar, and there’s a special surprise behind each door the rest of the way. Behind door #3 we find…WhatIfSports!

So many of baseball’s greatest questions are doomed to remain forever unanswered. How often would Gorman Thomas homer off of Braden Looper? Could Rick Auerbach outhit Tony Gwynn, Jr? Was Tommy Harper’s 1970 season (146 OPS+) the best ever by a Brewer third baseman?

Until we invent a time machine we’ll never know for sure, but in the meantime we have WhatIfSports. WIS allows you to build teams of players from any team, league or era and compete in a league against 11 to 29 other baseball fans to create some of history’s greatest matchups.

WhatifSports is one of the games that has helped me get through the long offseason for several years now, and they’d like to help you get through the rest of this one. WhatifSports has offered to give away ten gift certificates for their site. Each one is worth $15, enough to try any of their games for free.

Here’s how you can win one: Comment on this post. It’s that simple. I’ll leave comments on this post open until Friday at 4 pm (Central time). At that time, I’ll draw ten winners at random and contact you via email. Please make sure the email address in your profile is accurate, or I won’t be able to reach you. Thanks to WhatifSports for making this possible.