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The Thursday Thinker: Best Hitting Pitchers

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Howdy Folks!

One of the drawbacks of the Brewers switching to the NL in 1998, is having to endure watching pitchers hit. Most of the Brewers have not fared well at the plate, in fact some have been historically bad, however 15 pitchers have managed to wrangle up enough hits to garner an OPS of over .500 for a season (min. 20 PAs.)

A few ground rules.

  • The quiz only covers pitchers from 1998-2009. There are no AL Brewer pitchers in this quiz (apologies to Skip Lockwood, Ken Brett, Bobby Bolin, and BIll Parsons).
  • 20 PAs were needed to qualify
  • I have entered 2 "poison pills" into this quiz, if you guess these pitchers you will have to add negative points to your score. If you have been watching Brewer baseball, and reading your Daily Advents (especially the FtJ ones), you should manage to avoid these pitfalls.

How many Brewer pitchers since 1998 that had an OPS .500 or over in a season can you name?