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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while counting your layers.

As it turns out, acquiring Joe Inglett probably won't cost the Brewers Chris Smith after all. Smith cleared waivers and has been outrighted to Nashville (FanShot). Because he's been outrighted once before, Smith has 48 hours to either accept the assignment or become a free agent. It seems unlikely he'll leave, though: At this point in the offseason it'd be tough to find a team willing to offer him a better opportunity.

I'll give the Brewers credit here for killing two birds with one stone: By removing Smith from the 40 man roster at this point, they've freed up a spot in the bullpen that can be used for Chris Narveson (also out of options) Chuck Lofgren (who would have to be returned to the Indians if he doesn't make the team) or the loser of the race for the final rotation spot. And while clearing up that spot, they also picked up Joe Inglett.

Of course, that's only yesterday's second biggest story. The big news came from BrewHaHeather, who informed us that yes, the Brewers will still untuck their jerseys after wins next season.

Every time I turn around, it seems like someone else is saying something nice about Rick Peterson. Yesterday he spent the day in Menomonee Falls and worked with Brewer farmhand Casey Baron. He also posted this thought on Facebook about the importance of the 39th batter.

Whether you think the Brewers are on the right or wrong track this offseason, at least we can all acknowledge they've generated some excitement: They've already sold one million tickets for next season. It's the second earliest they've ever reached that milestone, behind last year.

Whether the Brewers win 60 or 100 games this season, at least they'll have this going for them: Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times has the Brewers fifth in his ranking of team nicknames. Kevin Kaduk would have had them first.

The Caribbean World Series opens this afternoon, but we might not get to see Carlos Gomez as a part of it after all. I found this story about the series this morning, and since I don't speak Spanish, I headed over to Google Translator for this translation (emphasis added):

We always say that any team these days carries Dominican has a good level, high quality, because most of the players that drive the local league are good. Including native and imported, RD usually can compete, but that is no guarantee of victory. For example, the club that bears the Chosen has a serious lack in quantity of people who contributed much to the national crown, and I quote the following names: pitchers Francisco Liriano, Francisco Cordero, Santiago Casilla, Edward Valdez, Nelson Payano and Felix Heredia ... Position Players: Joaquin Arias, Jose Macias, Alberto Callaspo, Carlos Gomez, Wladimir Balentein ..

As always with automated translation, I'm not entirely sure what they're saying, but it sounds like Carlos Gomez is being listed among other players who have left the team.

In the minors: The Baseball Chronicle unveiled their top 350 prospects yesterday, with the top 200 ranked. Notable Brewers include Alcides Escobar (#27), Brett Lawrie (#57), Mat Gamel (#142), Jonathan LuCroy (#173) and Jeremy Jeffress (#184).

I can't decide if bidding on a Valentine's Day visit from the Racing Sausages is a great or terrible idea. I think Mrs. Snow would vote for the latter.

Around baseball:

Athletics: Acquired infielder Adam Rosales and Willy Taveras from the Reds for Aaron Miles and a PTBNL, claimed infielder Steve Tolleson off waivers from the Twins, and designated Taveras, Gregorio Petit and Dana Eveland for assignment.
Cubs: Signed Kevin Millar to a minor league deal.
Giants: Signed pitchers Byung-Hyun Kim and Horacio Ramirez to minor league deals.
Mariners: Signed Ryan Garko to a one year deal and designated pitched Gaby Hernandez for assignment.
Marlins: Signed Seth McClung to a minor league deal. (FanShot)
Red Sox: Signed reliever Joe Nelson to a minor league deal.

I know it's still early, but two great writers covered the same topic yesterday and produced what will probably be the most striking contrast you'll see all day: Joe Posnanski and Keith Law on the Harlem Globetrotters.

I struck out on birthdays today, sorry.

Apparently I'm not the only one who doesn't like the NBA but is excited for the new NBA JAM Wii game. If you're as excited as I am, you may want to go vote for your favorite Bucks players to be included.

Or, you could just learn to be a reporter (thanks Hyatt).

Drink up.