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Community Projections: First Base

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We're back today to project a player who is a little more fun to project than Gregg Zaun. Prince Fielder is entering his fifth full season already, and as a hitter he's been 50 weighted runs above average twice. There's no doubt about his status as one of the great hitters of our time.

So with that introduction, here's the relevant data: CHONE projects .294/.387/.577, and ZiPS projects .288/.385/.569. I don't have much else to add, but he seems ready for another incredible year.

Today I'm going to do a little experiment with this form and imbed it in the story after the jump. Hopefully everything goes smoothly, if it looks very funny on someone's browser be sure to let me know. The instructions are after the jump in the form's body, note the correct ways to enter the slash stats and the percentage. Again, we won't project a backup at first because Prince will account for almost all of the time and we do not really know who would back him up if he ever does decide to take a day off.

And I will also mention here that though it appears I am neglecting defense, we'll cover that for all the position players in a big post towards the end of projection season. We are not neglecting the importance of defense. It's just a difficult item to put a number on, so we'll postpone that for a time.