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Community Projections: Second Base

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Today it's Rickie Weeks and the rest of the second basemen on the projection schedule. Durability is probably the most important part of this projection, because Weeks has yet to go over 475 plate appearances in a season. Last year in 147 PAs he hit .272/.340/.517, which looks very nice but is actually below his career OBP. Weeks has been a very productive hitter in his career so far, being underrated by most fans and many writers. The fourth annual Rickie Weeks breakout season begins now, and it starts with health. 

Chone projects .262/.368/.449, ZiPS projects .240/.345/.419. From here on I will link the player's Fangraphs page if any of our participants would like to scout out the past few seasons. That page also has a few other projections systems you might find interesting.

For the first time we're going to throw a backup in the mix as well. I'm going to assume that Craig Counsell will be the primary backup at second base, but we'll project him tomorrow in the shortstop section. Joe Inglett makes an appearance in this particular form. If you don't feel he will make the team it's perfectly fine to leave his boxes blank. Finally, and this requires a bit of math, submit your playing time percentages as usual but make sure they add up to 100. If you think a player that is not Inglett or Counsell will get some time at second base (Casey McGehee maybe), stick that time in the final "other" box. 

Inglett's relevant numbers are a .273/.333/.375 ZiPS projection and .278/.341/.386 line from CHONE. Here's his Fangraphs page for further reference.

The form is again after the jump. We had 150 entries yesterday, which is very good work (although I'm going to throw out the 5 or 6 entries with slugging percentages above .800, and the humorous person who entered "3" in playing time and "14" for slugging percentage). And a few people wrote a number of games instead of a percentage of playing time, please make that change as we go on. Thanks for your participation.